Other Research

I undertake a variety of research for the relatives of soldiers, collectors, students, and authors. I also provide a photographing service in cases where the catalogue reference is already known. The research listed below concerns just my most common enquiries:

  • Photographing officers’ service files: at the National Archives and British Library: £12.50 each. Discounts starting at 2 files (£20), and substantial reductions for more than 10 files. Contact me with your requirements and I can give you a quote. The most service files I have photographed for one individual is over 100!
  • Photographing WW1 and WW2 war diaries: Some WW1 war diaries have already been digitized and are available to download for a nominal fee from the National Archives’ website. However, this does not cover all units, and there are no WW2 war diaries available online. Most units’ war diaries will cost between £25-50 to photograph.
  • Local newspaper searches: This is a popular service for clients researching a relative who was killed, wounded, or awarded a gallantry medal in the First World War. An example of a search I undertook for a client: The Death of Frank Maxwell. This service costs £27.50 per hour.
  • Research into a campaign, battle, or unit: I have undertaken a variety of research for clients on topics as diverse as the Mesopotamian Campaign in 1914, to the martial race theory in the Indian Army prior to 1914, to internment in India during WW2.

The above is just a short list, giving an overview of the type of research I conduct on a weekly basis.

Contact me with your research request, and I’ll be able to provide you with an estimate: