133rd Regiment

This article is on the short-lived and rather obscure 133rd Regiment which was raised in late 1918 and disbanded in 1919. I have also created a series of guides to help you research those who served in the Indian Army during the First World War:

The 133rd Regiment in the First World War

Class Composition of Battalion in 1918: 8 Platoons Rajputs, 2 Platoons Brahmins, 2 Platoons Ahirs, 2 Platoons Chota Nagpurians and 2 Platoons Punjabi Musalmans.

The 133rd (Bihar and Orissa) Regiment was a short-lived Indian infantry regiment formed at Nathnagar, Bihar, India in 1918. I have been unable to find the exact date the 133rd Regiment was formed, though its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel McDowell, was appointed to the 133rd Regiment on 11 September 1918. Unfortunately, there is very little surviving documentary evidence relating to the Regiment, as it did not see active service and was disbanded in 1919.

The 133rd Regiment received a “very satisfactory” report when it was inspected by Brigadier General R.G. Strange, Commanding Presidency Brigade, on 11 March 1919:

Training was intensive up to the period of demobilisation and in view of the short life of the battalion, the results are most satisfactory. The C.O. and all ranks have worked hard. If the battalion is retained I feel certain it will soon reach a high standard of efficiency. The battalion is well commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel McDowell. I recommend the retention of the battalion as a service unit. The personnel is above the average of most Indian battalions.

Confidential review reports on Indian Army units, depots, British officers, etc. for 1918-1919 IOR/L/MIL/7/17030.

Major General Sir A.B. Scott, K.C.B., D.S.O., Commanding 8th (Lucknow) Division wrote: “A very satisfactory report. The regiment is in the process of being disbanded”. The Regiment was disbanded in 1919.

Further Sources for the 133rd Regiment

There are no war diaries for the 133rd Regiment and very little surviving documentation. The confidential report quoted above can be found at the British Library: Confidential review reports on Indian Army units, depots, British officers, etc. for 1918-1919 IOR/L/MIL/7/17030. The Regiment’s confidential report also contains the annual reports of the officers of the 133rd Regiment. For information regarding the British and Indian officers who served with the Regiment, the Indian Army List should be consulted.