41st Cavalry Regiment (Indian Army)

This article will look at the short-lived 41st Cavalry Regiment and will provide you with an overview of the Regiment’s service during the First World War and help you to research a soldier who served with the Regiment. I have written other guides to help you research those who served in the Indian Army:

The 41st Cavalry Regiment 1918-1921

Lineage: The 41st Cavalry Regiment was formed at Baleli in 1918 and disbanded in 1921.

Composition in 1919: 1/2 Squadron Punjabi Muslims, 1 Squadron Pathans, 1 Squadron Sikhs, 1 Squadron of Derajat Musalmans and 1/2 Squadron Rajput Muslims. 

The 41st Cavalry Regiment was a short-lived Indian cavalry regiment formed at Baleli in 1918. The Regiment’s first commanding officer was Acting Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. Hallowes appointed from the 15th Lancers on 1 April 1918. The 41st Cavalry Regiment was inspected by Lieutenant-Colonel D. Baird on behalf of Lieutenant-General R. Wapshare, Commanding 4th (Quetta) Division on 12 March 1919:

The turnout and smartness of the Regiment with Regimental Headquarters compares unfavourably with the other regiments in the Brigade. Clothing very mixed. The training is satisfactory considering the difficulties and the poor class composition the 1 1/2 squadrons remaining, the remainder are on service in the E.P.C. [East Persia Cordon]. I look to a great improvement.

Confidential review reports on Indian Army units, depots, British officers, etc. for 1918-1919: IOR/L/MIL/7/17030

The 41st Cavalry Regiment was at Quetta (Balochistan, Pakistan) when the Third Anglo-Afghan War commenced on 6 May 1919. The Regiment served with Baluchistan Force during the war and moved to Chaman (Balochistan, Pakistan) on 4 June 1919. Two squadrons of the Regiment served with the East Persia force during the war. There is no war diary covering the Regiment’s involvement in the war.

In the January 1920 Indian Army List, the 41st Cavalry Regiment was stationed at Baleli with a detachment serving overseas. In the April 1920 Indian Army List, the Regiment was stationed at Sibi (Balochistan, Pakistan). The Regiment was disbanded in 1921.41st Cavalry Regiment

Researching a Soldier who Served in the 41st Cavalry Regiment

Researching a soldier who served in the 41st Cavalry Regiment is a difficult prospect as the regiment has left few records. I would recommend having a look through my guides on Researching Soldiers who Served in the Indian Army which will explain ranks, medals etc. For context regarding the formation of the regiment, there is a single confidential report.

British Officers: First check for a service record at both the British Library and National Archives. There may also be an application for the Indian Army Reserve of Officers. If there is no service record then try the Regiment’s single confidential report for 1918-19 which contains a short report on each British officer. The Indian Army List and London Gazette will also be of use in tracking an officer’s promotions.

Indian Officers: The Indian officers who joined this regiment would have originally been serving with other regiments. You will need to consult the Indian Army List and see if you can match up an enlistment date and name with another cavalry regiment. Look at Indian Army Lists for 1917 and after 1922 to see if you can follow where an officer went after the regiment disbanded (though he may have retired).

Indian Rank and File: I currently know of no sources of information to research an Indian who served below the rank of Jemadar with the 41st Cavalry Regiment.

Further Sources of Information for the 41st Cavalry Regiment

For information concerning the British and Indian officers who served with the 41st Cavalry Regiment, the Indian Army List can be consulted. There is a single confidential report for the Regiment held at the British Library: Confidential review reports on Indian Army units, depots, British officers, etc. for 1918-1919: IOR/L/MIL/7/17030.

There is no regimental history for the Regiment.

War Diaries of the 41st Cavalry Regiment

Unfortunately, there are no war diaries for the 41st Cavalry Regiment.

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