No.2 Outpost Cemetery, Gallipoli

This article is about the No.2 Outpost Cemetery and is one of a number of articles I have written about Gallipoli. I have also written guides to help you research soldiers who served in the British Army during the First World War:

No.2 Outpost Cemetery, GallipoliNew Zealand No.2 Outpost Cemetery

The No.2 Outpost Cemetery, Gallipoli contains the graves of 152 Commonwealth men who died during the Gallipoli Campaign. Of these 152 men, 66 are unidentified and the No.2 Outpost Cemetery contains 48 special memorials to men known or believed to be buried there. The cemetery is located just off the right-hand side of the road heading to Suvla from ANZAC Cove and is signposted. The cemetery is within 100 metres of the New Zealand No.2 Outpost Cemetery.Baldwin No.2 Outpost Cemetery GallipoliBuried in the No.2 Outpost Cemetery is Alfred Baldwin whose epitaph reads ”Just One Of The Gallant Band A.N.Z.A.C.”. Alfred was a telegraph employee when he enlisted at Echuca, Victoria on 19 August 1914. Alfred was serving with the 7th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force and you’ll notice on his headstone that his date of death is recorded as between 25 April and 2 May 1915. Due to the chaotic nature of the fighting in the week after the landing, it was not always possible to find out the date when a soldier was killed. Alfred Baldwin was initially buried in an isolated grave between Canterbury Cemetery and Sazli Beit Dere but was exhumed after the war and reburied in the No.2 Outpost Cemetery. Click on this link to learn more about him: Alfred Baldwin Service Record.

Private Munro No.2 Outpost Cemetery GallipoliAnother soldier buried in the No.2 Outpost Cemetery is Private James Munro who was killed between 25 April and 2 May 1915. James Munro was a labourer who had enlisted at Shepparton, Victoria on 18 August 1914. There is a letter from James’ father in the file dated the 9 September 1921 which reads:

Dear Sir,

Just a few lines in regards to the photographs of the grave of our late son No. 377 Pte. J. Munro. 7 Batt. which came safely and I wish to thank you very much for them. I am forwarding postal note 2/- for extra copies of the grave. Thanking you very much. I remain, yours sincerely A. Munro.

You can read Munro’s file here: James Munro Service Record.No.2 New Zealand Outpost Cemetery.