Having just received the completed research file on our family’s Great Uncle, who is still missing following his death in 1917 on the Western Front, I can only marvel at the depth of research that Rob went to on our behalf. Many of the documents that would have shed light on our ancestor’s war service had been destroyed on, not one, but at least three separate occasions over the last century. Nevertheless, his meticulous research was still able to put together a very comprehensive narrative that has allowed us to follow his timeline from 1914 to his death in November 1917. This will now allow us to trace his steps in France and Belgium, to visit his name on a memorial wall, and to place a few poppy crosses at the graves of some who, as the headstones state are at least ‘Known Unto God’.

A very professional service that I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone wanting this type of research.

Mike Lister

I found Robert Clark while searching the Internet for a military researcher. After some correspondence and reading his testimonials I knew he was the perfect person for helping me. I had done a lot of research on my ancestor from WW1 but felt stuck at the last hurdle. Robert presented me with the most incredible research, well beyond my expectations, the detail leading up to my ancestor’s enlistment and during and also finding the coordinates of his death site on the field. It was truly fabulous. This research arrived days before our planned trip to Ypres. I cannot express how this research enriched our experience and our connection to my ancestor. It was quite simply incredible value for money also.

I absolutely highly recommend Robert.

Jacqueline Rice

Why would I even try and learn the intricacies of the various UK archival systems when I have Rob Clark to do the research for me?  Every query I have asked of Rob, he has responded to quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly, providing relevant information and at times, options should I wish to follow related leads. He is also very fair with his charges – I don’t even ask for an estimate these days, I’m so confident of his fairness.

Mike Cecil www.michaelkcecil.com

Thank you very much for my grandfather’s war history. I am sure my dad will find this very interesting, and at last know about his history in the First World War. The information provided is very comprehensive and well worth the fee that you charge for the research you do. I would highly recommend your services to anyone interested in finding out about their relative’s war experience.

Edward Robinson

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am astounded at the level of detail that you have been able to uncover – particularly as some of the records were destroyed – thank you so much. I have only had a chance to have a quick look through all of the documents and am looking forward to having time this evening to have a good read through them.

Steven Gardner

I contacted Rob to see if he could find out anything about my great-great-uncle, who died in the First World War. I was amazed at what he found out – he traced his life before the war and then what happened to him after he joined up in a lot of detail. Rob offers a really professional service – highly recommended!

Edward, Cambridge

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of praise for Rob. In researching the family tree of a friend, I had a very basic understanding of the WW1 military service record I was looking at and Rob was able to go through the document explaining the background to the details contained in the records, making sense of the military jargon. His knowledge of all the facets of military history is impressive and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a full understanding of their ancestor’s service. His fees were very reasonable. Thank you once again – the descendants of this soldier will have something to treasure in the research you have provided.

Hilary Tait

I am extremely grateful to Rob for the quality research that he has done on my behalf for a long time now. His work is excellent, delivered quickly and has helped me countless number of times to acquire documents that I would not have personally been able to access. I don’t know any other professional researcher who is so familiar with documents relating to the Indian army which has been an added bonus for me. He has always been extremely helpful and courteous. I highly recommend his research services.

Adil Rana Chhina

As a small but dedicated group of old Gloucestershire Hussars, the Regimental Historical Research Committee spend much of their time digging through the mass of information accrued over two hundred years of service to the crown. There are, however, many documents which have always proved elusive; there location within National Archives not always being obvious, even their existence has often been in doubt!

It was purely by chance that I came across Mr Clark’s contact details and what a fortuitous day that was; Rob was initially tasked with obtaining a copy of a document which was not available for online download and a quick snoop about on our behalf regarding anything RGH. We were so impressed with the results that some other committee members requested what, to my mind at least, was quite a challenge; just a name and a very vague objective. Needless to say we are now pouring over thousands of pages of new information.

Hopefully, having read this endorsement, you too will commission Rob to undertake a research project for, even though the fees to date have proved to be far less than the cost of traveling to London ourselves, it will give us at RHQ a bit of a breather.

Lawrence Birkin

What can one add to the testimonials to Rob Clark, a professional military researcher second to none? A friend and I hit a brick wall with our military research in January 2015 and I asked Rob for help, he produced seven outstanding reports for us. I do not hesitate now to contact him for my military research, his rates are most reasonable and is a delight to deal with. Sadly, I did not pay attention to military history in my service days 1957-1996, believing “The future depends upon what we do in the present” (Mahatma).

Bernie Frank

If you ever want to find out anything about the Indian Army and WW1, get in touch with Rob Clark. I can’t praise him enough. Apart from knowing a prodigious amount about his subject, he’s one of life’s great communicators – Rob always makes time to put everything into perspective. I thought I knew a fair amount about the Mahrattas and Mesopotamia back then, but it is insignificant compared with Rob’s grasp. What’s more, he’s a delight to deal with.

Robin Thornton

Robert Clark is everything a researcher should be: He understands the terrain, he is efficient and quick, and he is friendly and helpful. I have turned to him for help on several occasions and always been extremely impressed with his service.

William de Villiers

Rob Clark has consistently proven to be thorough in his research over the many years that I have known him. He is always friendly and courteous, and a true gentleman in the traditional sense. The fact that he produces results in a timely fashion and with very reasonable rates is just pure bonus. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend his services to anyone seeking a professional Indian Army researcher. Indeed, when someone asks, I’m quick to point them in his direction.

Christopher Trevelyan

Doing a jigsaw is always a challenge. To do a jigsaw that is a century old and where all the pieces are scattered about is extremely difficult. Great War researchers have to do just that, and Rob Clark is an expert at it. Rob has helped me to find missing pieces for my Great War puzzles, and I can testify to the fact that his research is extremely thorough. Rob is knowledgeable and helpful, and I do not hesitate to request his services when I need to find out information or to have specific files in the National Archives copied. His rates are very reasonable when compared to the National Archives copying rates!

Rev. G. Berkin

I have used Rob’s services many times over the past six months, and have been highly delighted with his competitive rates and efficient, speedy results. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any research at the National Archives etc.

D. J. Salter

It is with much appreciation that I would like to thank you for all the research you have undertaken on my behalf. Over the past several months following the discovery that three descendants on my father’s ancestry were active participants at Waterloo, The Crimea and Gallipoli, your professional expertise has proven to be essential in fully discovering their individual stories. By diligent, systematic research into all the varied newspaper, medical, civil and military records such as muster and medal rolls, you have been able to firmly establish three very human stories caught up in their huge sweep of history. I (and my family )will be ever grateful to you for such extraordinary results, and would strongly recommend the excellent military research service you offer.

Graham Faulkner

The research I have had from Rob has been fantastic, the Indian Officers papers are very detailed. The service is second to none. I would recommend his work to anyone.

David Jones

Robert has undertaken research from the 18th century and 19th century for me. I was very pleased and fascinated by what he found out. Using muster rolls he was able to fill in the gaps which have been puzzling me for a few years. Particularly interesting was my great x3 grandad who was a boy soldier, enlisting when he was just 10 years old. Thank you, Robert, much appreciated.

Carol McNicoll

My family are so grateful to you for helping us research the experiences of our relative in the First World War. We could not believe the level of detail you uncovered and how reasonable your charges were. The report you produced was brilliant and interwove his experiences with the wider conflict. We will cherish this record and for those of the family who never knew him in person, it feels like we now do.

Mark Willoughby