Kent Cyclist Battalion

This article is about the Kent Cyclist Battalion and will help you to research both the unit and soldiers who served with it during the First World War. I have written other guides to help you research soldiers who served during the war:

The Kent Cyclist Battalion in the First World War

1/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion

The Kent Cyclist Battalion was formed in 1908 as part of the Territorial Force and had its headquarters at Tonbridge. The Battalion recruited its companies from across Kent (see address book below) and was embodied on the outbreak of war. Initially, the Battalion patrolled the coast of Kent and Sussex where it was attached to the 57th (2nd West Lancashire) Division. Following the raising of its second-line, the unit became the 1/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion. On 2 December 1915, the Battalion moved to Chiseldon, Wiltshire where it was converted into an infantry battalion. After conversion, the unit dropped cyclist from its name and became the 1/1st Kent Battalion. On 8 February 1916, the Battalion sailed for India and on arrival, joined the Southern Brigade of the 9th (Secunderabad) Division at Bangalore. While in India, the Battalion served on the North West Frontier, where it fought against the Mahsuds in 1917 and the next year helped suppress the Marris Uprising in Baluchistan. 

By February 1917, the Battalion, still part of the Southern Brigade, had joined the 2nd (Rawalpindi) Division and was stationed at Burhan. In October 1917, the Battalion was stationed at Dalhousie where it was part of the 44th Brigade of the 16th Indian Division. In March 1919, the Battalion was stationed at Bangalore where it was still serving as part of the 16th Indian Division. When the Third Anglo-Afghan War broke out in May, the Battalion took part and its soldiers qualified for the India General Service Medal with Afghanistan NWF 1919 clasp. Unfortunately, there is no war diary. The 1/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion returned to Britain in late 1919 and was disbanded early the next year.

2/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion

The 2/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion was raised in late 1914 as a second-line unit. There is very little information available for this unit which remained in Britain for the duration of the war. In early January 1916, the Battalion was stationed at Cambridge and by March 1917 was at Ramsgate where it was attached to the 5th Cyclist Brigade. In August 1918, the Battalion was at Lydd. The photograph of the 2/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion was published in The Illustrated War News on 28 April 1915.2-1st Kent Cyclist Battalion Illustrated War News

3/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion

The 3/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion was a third-line unit formed in 1915 to train drafts for the other two battalions. It was disbanded in 1916.

War Diaries of the Kent Cyclist Battalion

A war diary was written by an officer of a unit and recorded its location and activities. Unfortunately, there is only one war diary for the 2/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion which is held at the National Archives in London.

  • Date: 01 September 1915 – 29 February 1916
  • Reference: WO 95/5455
  • Notes: A good war diary for a home service unit which begins with two short summaries regarding its current state.

Researching a Soldier who Served in the Kent Cyclist Battalion

There are a lot of good sources available for the Kent Cyclist Battalion but they are difficult to view. Two magazines were published, Kent Cyclist Gazette between 1910-1914 and The Invicta: The Magazine of the 1/1st Battalion between 1916-1919 which are packed full of names and photographs of officers and men. In addition, a Nominal Roll of the 1/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion when it left India in 1919 was printed by the Civil and Military Press Lahore. Part of this document is transcribed below. There is also a History of the Kent Cyclist Battalion Territorial Force 1908-1920 by Cyril Bristow held at the Imperial War Museum which includes a name index for the Battalion’s magazines. For the location of the 1/1st Battalion in India and the formation in which it was serving, you can turn to distribution lists held at the British Library.

Even if you can’t get hold of the above records you can still find a lot of information online, so have a look through my generic guides to researching soldiers of the British Army. You will need to join both Findmypast and Ancestry as they both have different record sets. Fortunately, both have free trial periods just remember to cancel if you don’t want to continue!

Officers: A service record is the most important document to find but not all have survived. If a service record exists, it will either be at the National Archives or held by the Ministry of Defence if an officer served past 1922. There are over forty service records for officers held at the National Archives. There will also be additional officers who served with the Battalion who are listed under different regiments having been transferred. If an officer served past 1922 then their service record should still be with the Ministry of Defence. Other important sources of information include medal records, British Army Lists, Hart’s Army List and The London Gazette.

Other Ranks: As for officers, have a look to see if a service record has survived, however, not all will have as many were destroyed in the Blitz. If a soldier served past January 1921 then their service record should still be with the Ministry of Defence. Providing a soldier served abroad, there will be at least two medal records to consult. Part of the Battalion’s nominal roll on leaving India in 1919 is transcribed below. As the 1/1st Battalion spent over three years in India, it’s worthwhile checking the pension records held by the Western Front Association which have been recently digitized on Fold3. Malaria, dysentery, and other diseases were rife in India, so many of the unit’s soldiers would have been awarded pensions

Nominal Roll of the 1/1st Kent Battalion

Below is part of a transcription of the Nominal Roll of the 1/1st Kent Cyclist Battalion which contains the names and addresses of the 1/1st Kent Battalion when it left India in 1919. This very useful document was printed by the Civil and Military Press Lahore. Officers are recorded first by rank and then other ranks alphabetically.


Lieutenant-Colonel Moore, W. G. 133 Finchley Road, London, NW

Major Oldendorff, A. J. A., Beechbrook, Chislehurst, Kent

Major Pilditch, I. Parkleight, Tonbridge

Major Walmsley, E. S. 17 Southfield Road, Tunbridge Wells

Captain Dunn, G. L. Sandhurst Park, Tunbridge Wells

Captain Phillips, C. S. Elmstead Cottage, Chislehurst

Captain Kendrick, T. L. Rosemount, Deal

Captain Smith, R. T. W. 47 Lower Fant Road, Maidstone

Captain Carlill, S. R. c/o Dodwell and Co. Ltd. 24 St. Mary Axe, London E.C.

Captain Canning, J. D. Pinner, Middlesex

Captain Fuller, T. A. Church Norton, Selsey, Chichester

Captain Bain, K. D. 19 London Road, Tonbridge

Lieutenant Harding, J. A. Leysdwon, Vicarage, Isle of Sheppey

Lieutenant Le Fleming, J. N. Eton House, Tonbridge

Lieutenant Fisher, S. M. 12 Orme Square, London W.

Lieutenant Hancock, F. B. Shipston-on-Stour

Lieutenant Thomas, B. L. 71 Harcourt Terrace, S. Kensington, London

Lieutenant Pembrook, J. G. The Priory, Eddington, Herne Bay

Lieutenant Baile, E. A. PO Box 3467, Johannesburg, Transvaal

Lieutenant Martin, E. Hawkesbury Upon, Badminton, Gloucester

Lieutenant McGowan, T. C. S. Grange Crescent Kibblsworth, Gateshead, Durham

Second-Lieutenant Charman, A. L. C. 4 Durrington Lance, Durrington Worthing

Second-Lieutenant Bristow, G. M. Keswick

Second-Lieutenant Sheffield, D. E. 54 Belgrave Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Second-Lieutenant Carlaw, N. Salisbury PO Rhodesia

Second-Lieutenant Cornwell, W. S. 66 Godwin Road, Forest Gate, London

Second-Lieutenant Lambert, A Gilsland, Deal

Second-Lieutenant Swaine, A. L. B. 8 Waterloo Road, Belfast

Second-Lieutenant Harvey, E. L. 18 Bath Road, Worcester

Second-Lieutenant Meadmore, C. R. A. 132 King Henry’s Road, South Hampstead

Second-Lieutenant Wheeler, T. W. 80 Southfield Road, Bedford Park, W.

Second-Lieutenant Kirkwood, R. W. c/o Wooly 51 Cecil Street, Glasgow

Second-Lieutenant Anderson J. H. c/o London County, Westminster and Parrs Bank, Sloane Square, London SW

Other Ranks


Abra, A “Nutfields”, Igtham, Sevenoaks

Abrahams, F. 4 Lawfield Road, West Hampstead, London

Adams, H. 107 Birbeck Road, Beckenham, Kent

Addison, A. T. R., Bridge House, Denham, Nr. Gravesend

Adley, F. J. Wingham Well, Wingham, Kent

Allan, J. Forgandenny, Perthshire, Scotland

Allard, W. Gas House, Wye, Kent

Allen, L. H. Dour House, Crabble Hill, Kearnsney, Nr. Dover

Allen, S. E. 4 Peach Hall, High Street, Tonbridge

Allen, S. H. Coolinge, Folkestone

Alexander, H. Culand Farm, Burham, Nr. Rochester

Anderson, J. 5 Douglas Road, Wigan

Anderson, J. G. 5 Old Lane, Beeston, Nr. Leeds

Ansell, F. “Eglantine” Cheam Road, Sutton, Surrey

Ansell, A. P. 43 Aylesford Street, Coventry

Anstee, A. H., “Elsted”, Grove Road, Finchley, London N.

Ambrose, W. 9 Coronation Terrace, Littleport, Cambs

Appleton, E. J. c/o 73 Westcliffe Road, Ramsgate

Archer, H. J. 95 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, London NW

Argar, A. G. 11 Garden Road, Folkestone

Argent, L. Luton Villa, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Arnold, F. Ringwold, Nr. Dover

Arnold, H. Gates Lane, Blean, Canterbury

Arnold, R. S. 25 Kingsdale Road, Penge, London SE

Arthur, F. Westbourne Terrace, South Eastern Road, Ramsgate

Ashby, P. A. 51 Wincheap Street, Canterbury

Ashby, C. 14 Dermody Road, Lewisham, London SE

Ash, H. A. China Farm, Harbledown, Canterbury

Ashdown, C. 8 Norfolk Road, Tonbridge

Ashdown, E. G. 25 Roberts Road, Pokesbourne, Boscombe, Bournemouth

Aspden, F. 169 Cribden View, Burnley Road, Rawtenstall, Lancs

Assister, A. A. 10 Chatham Street, Ramsgate

Assister, R. 10 Chatham Street, Ramsgate

Atkinson, C. S. 24 Hone Street, Strood

Atkinson, C. 50 Nowell Mount, Hire Hills, Leeds.

Atkinson, F. The Grange, Blymhill, Nr. Shifnal, Salop

Attewell, E. Kirk Lane, Buddington, Notts

Attwell, F. C. 6 Alexandra Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Attwood, L. H. Clavinge Cottages, Harbledown, Nr. Canterbury

Austen, H. W. 17 Darlington Street, Folkestone

Austin, C. Ivy House, Dymchurch, Kent

Avery, H. 18 Newbury Terrace, Newbury Park, Ilford, London, E.

Aylward, A. 68 Victoria Road, Tunbridge Wells

Aylward, H. M. The Cottage, Merington Place, Rolvington, Kent


Baker, A. Dudley Court, Ashdown Road, Forest Row, Tunbridge Wells

Baker, A. E., 87 Erstine Park Road, Rusthall

Baker, R. B. 7 Benton Road, Buckingham

Baker, W. 21 Dale Street, Tunbridge Wells

Bailey, W. A. 9 Cromer Gardens, Vicarage Lance, Ilford, London E.

Bailey, L. G. 9 Queen’s Street, Ramsgate

Bainbridge, R. 4 Garden Terrace, Anfield Plain, Co. Durham

Baines, E. J. 32 Asylum Cottages, Chartham, Nr. Canterbury

Baird, L. C. 83 Braham Road, Brixton, London SW

Baldock, F. E. 58 Park Road, Faversham

Baldwin, E. Sidney House, Thurnham, Kent

Ball, W. 63 Park Road, Bromley, Kent

Ball, W. J. 39 Kenneth Road, Chadwell Death, London E.

Ballard, R. 33 Alma Square, St. John’s Wood, London. NW8

Bangs, A. Rose Cottage, Mountnessing, Nr. Shenfield, Essex

Banks, C. Tetbury, Gloucester

Bantock, H. 24 Artillery Road, Ramsgate

Barden, F. J. “Belmont”, Old Tovil Road, Maidstone

Barden, W. M. 43 Quarry Hill, Tonbridge

Barber, L. W. 85 Preston Road, Faversham

Barnard, H. High Street, Newport, Essex

Barnadier, B. B. 15 Curzon Street, Nottingham

Barker, P. V. 78 Park Avenue, Hull, Yorks

Barnes, J. 12 Parliament Row, Hertford

Barnes, J. G. 51 Cowley Street, Old Basford, Nottingham

Barnett, C 31 Godwin Road, Margate

Barrett, O. C. 1 Claredon Gardens, Ramsgate

Bayliss, W. 104 Radcliffe Bourne Estate, Holborn, London EC

Barraclough, F. 49 Hormingley Lane, Stairfoot, Barnsley

Bateup, W. 4 Dewhurst Cottages, Wadhurst, Sussex

Barton, H. W. 9 Hawden Road, Tonbridge

Bateman, F. J. Rose Cottage, Balcombe Road, Horley, Surrey

Batchelor, A. S. 26 Holden Corner, Southborough

Batchelor, A. J. 55 Green Lanes, Ilford, London E.

Batchelor, H. W. 129 A Shakespeare Road, Herne Hill, London SE

Bassett, C. A. 35 Salmestone Road, Margate

Batstone, F. 13 Hayden Terrace, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

Beale, W. G. Dairy Cottage, Dover Road, Walmer

Beal, B, Dairy Cottage, Dover Road, Walmer

Bean, R. Summerhill Place, North End, Hawden Heath, Fifeshire

Bean, W. 76 Lawrence Avenue, Manor Park, London E

Beer, W. 1 Victoria Terrace, Ash, Canterbury

Beeching, W. J. 34 A Providence Street, Ashford

Beeton, R. 8 Merton Road, Watford

Begley, W. 20 Midland Street, Birkenhead

Bell, H. G. 36 Green Street, Gillingham, Kent

Bell, T. Railway Cottage, Helensborough, Dumbarton, Scotland

Belverstone, E. 136 Bulver Road, Silver Street, Lower Edmonton, London N

Bennefield, E. “Glenmorrell” Victoria Avenue, Westgate on Sea

Bennefield, H. Chapel Lane, Manstone, Ramsgate

Bennett, E. “The Warren” Maidstone, Road, Ashford

Bensted, C. F. Council House, Preston, Faversham

Berridge, A. C. 98 Glenparke Road, Forrest Gate, London E.

Berry, J. 15 High Street, Horbury, Near Wakefield, Yorks

Bettridge, H. G. 3? Addington Street, Ramsgate

Bicheno, G. W. 8 Union Road, Hills Road, Cambridge

Bigg, A. 9 Canal Street, Ulswerton, Lancs

Bigwell, T. 84 Brackenbury Road, Hammersmith, London W

Birch, E. A. 8 Sydney Road, Ramsgate

Bird, E. G. 8 Overdale Road, South Ealing, London

Bishop, H. W. Liberal Club, Ramsgate

Bishop, W. J. 107 Priory Road, St. Denys, Southampton

Bray, J. 22 Beatrice Road, Margate

Bradley, R. H. Crown Hotel, Loft-house, Pateley Bridge, Yorks

Bridger, C. A. 169 Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent

Bridger, F. 27 Flag Meadow Walk, Worcester

Bridgland, F. Orchard Terrace, Sundridge, Nr. Sevenoaks

Bradley, A. E. 27 Lancaster Road, Canterbury

Brake, C. 38 Bank Street, Ashford, Kent

Bramley, H. 14 Woodside, Tonbridge

Brewer, A. 44 Bromley Crescent, Bromley, Kent

Bray, W. A. 22 Beatrice Road, Margate

Broadbridge, G. 29 Notley St. Canterbury

Brill, E. 75 Southwood Road, St. Lawrence, Ramsgate

Brissenden, D. Ashford Cottage, Castle Road, Sandgate

Brisley, J. 52 Fernbank Crescent, Folkestone

Brookwell, A. E. 34 Pavilion Gardens, Folkestone

Brooks, F. 55 Eltham Street, Walworth, London, SE

Brunger, 45 Chillington Street, Maidstone

Bristow, F. 3 Crabble Hill, Buckland, Dover

Britcher, F. 17 Union Street, Deal, Kent

Buckingham, A. F. Weavering Street, Maidstone

Bugg, A. T. 315 London Road, Dover

Buley, P. T. “The Gables”, Ash, Nr. Canterbury

Burdett, A. 28 Langroyd Grove, Burton Road, Leeds

Burdett, H. 21 Percy Avenue, Kingsgate, Nr. Broadstairs

Bull, C. A. 5 Victoria Road, Folkestone

Bullemor, J. 115 Morville Street, Bow, London E.

Burgess, W. 3 Eastwell Place, Hailsham, Sussex

Burns, J. T. 2 Castle Stairs, Newcastle on Tyne

Buchanan, T. P. 15 Knoxland Square, Dumbarton

Burchall, S. 21 Martyrs Field Road, Canterbury

Burr, H. 314 Upland Road, East Dulwich, London SE

Burton, F. W. 11 Hawkes Lane, Canterbury

Burton, W. Baker’s Cottage, Saltwood, Nr. Hythe, Kent

Burton, E. H. 12 London Road, Canterbury

Bushell, W. H. Eagle Inn, High Street, Ramsgate

Bushnell, F. 6. Oakwood Road, Maidstone

Bussell, F. J. 56 High Street, Sevenoaks

Butcher, F. G. 10 Claremont Place, Canterbury

Bishop, W. 123 Pemble Cottage, Five Oaks Green, Paddock Wood

Black, E. 21 Thornhill Crescent, Barnsbury, London, N

Black, L. 25 Bournemouth Road, Folkestone

Blackman, L 25 Ravensknoll, Wouldham, Rochester

Blackley, W. 41 Walterton Road, Maida Vale, London, W

Blake, D. 4 Brewery Cottages, Westerham, Kent

Blowers, E. W. 54 Offley Road, Buxton Road, London

Bolton, L. H. 10 Banning Street, Strood

Bond, A. H. 17 Guildford Road, Canterbury

Blackburn, A. R. 14 Cecilia Road, Ramsgate

Bone, A. H. 20 Calverley Street, Tunbridge Wells

Bliss, G. 54 Park Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, London NE

Boorman, R. C. B. “Sunny Cot” 22 St. Luke’s Road, Maidstone

Booth, B. Lower Agoney, Scotney, Lydd

Boulding, A. R. 25 Bond Street, South Ashford

Boswell, E. 29 Adams Avenue, Northampton

Boswell, V. R. 29 Adams Avenue, Northampton

Boast, E. J. Wyberris Farm, Keddington, Suffolk

Borrett, L. G. 69 Western Road, Bexhill, Kent

Boultby, P. K. 21 Shakespear Villas, Shakespear Street, Nottingham

Botting, B. 51 Boxley Road, Maidstone

Bourne, M. 119 Union Street, Maidstone

Bourne, W. 119 Union Street, Maidstone

Bowd, W. J. 16 Ranelagh Road, Miletown, Sheerness

Bowden, W. H. 3 St. Michael’s Gardens, Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, London

Bowron, L. F. 34 Eggleston Terrace, Stockton-on-Tees

Brooker, A. 66 Victoria Road, Tunbridge Wells

Browne, A. E. C. 55 High Street, Cheriton, Folkestone

Brown, A. S. 82 Alpha Road, Surbiton, London SW

Brown, J East Side, North End, Northallerton, Yorks

Brown, H. A. 43 Butler Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, London

Brown, L. Court Farm, Thurnham, Maidstone

Brown, R. 17 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW

Brown, T. A. 53 Margate, Ramsgate

Brown, W. H. Barn Cottages, Shalmsford Street, Chartham, Nr. Canterbury

Bradford, C. 4 Greenfield Cottages, Gordon Road, Canterbury

Brenchley, F. 12 Paradise Road, Banbury, Oxon

Brace, W. Littleheath, Potters Bar, Herts

Butchers, S. V. Comber, Nr. Rye

Butler, E. Damp Hurst Farm, Abinger Common, Nr. Dorking, Surrey

Butler, W. 28 Horfield Road, Hackney, London NE

Button, C. A. Priory Lodge, East Farleigh, Maidstone

Button, W. Priory Lodge, East Farleigh, Maidstone


Calver, W. H. 19 Claren Street, Perry Hill, Catford, London SE

Callaghan, B. 3 Lansdown Terrace, Southampton

Callow, B. H. 10 Greenbey’s Road, Liscard, Cheshire

Cantle, A. R. “Chequers Inn” High Street, Tonbridge

Canadine, R. 10 Acre Tavern, Bourneville, Birmingham

Canning, D. 34 Bridge Street, Alexandria, Scotland

Capeling, L. Dover Road, Ringwold, Nr. Dover

Carey, William c/o Tyler Hill, Canterbury

Capp, R. T. J. Stonecot

Cassell, L. 105 King Street, Gillingham

Castle, A. Hope Nursery, Elmers End, Beckenham, Kent

Catt, J. E. The Hermitage, Wye

Catton, W. 4 Market Place, East Dereham, Norfolk

Cave, A. 116 Drummond Road, Bermondsey, London SE 16

Chacksfield, H. (Deceased) 5 Priory Road, Dartford, Kent

Chadwick, T. B. 82 Gladstone Road, Wimbledon, London SW

Chainey, J. Rose Cottage, Hartrup Street, Maidstone

Chatfield, R. 131 Harwood Road, Watford, Herts

Chambers, J c/o M. G. Foster, Upton, Southwell, Nottingham

Champman, H. 3 Dormer Cottages, Crowmarsh, Nr. Wallingford, Berks

Chapman, J. 4 Faircross Avenue, Barking, London E

Chapman, T. 1 Belgrave Street, Eccles, Nr. Maidstone

Chambers, M. 7 Kirby Lane, Canterbury

Chambers, R. G. E. 4 Albert Road, Tonbridge

Chamberlain, W. 4? Lionel Road, Tonbridge

Chandler, F. c/o Neals, Wilkinson, Ltd. 16 Camomile Street, London

Chandler, F. Rye Harbour, Rye, Sussex

Chandler, F. J. Primrose Cottage, Union Road, Dover

Chandler, H. Lismore House, 5 Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone

Channon, J. H. 14 St. Pauls Road, Canterbury, London N

Champs, F. 68 Alexander Road, Ramsgate

Chase, A. 62 East Street, Baker Street, London, W.

Childs, H. Drill Hall, Sandgate

Chindention, P. 3 Salisbury Avenue, Ramsgate

Chiddick, F. H. 18 Rosaville Road, Fulham, London SW

Chivers, G. 32 Hawden Road, Tonbridge

Chivers, S. C. 32 Hawden Road, Tonbridge

Chivers, W. 26 Houselands Road, The Slade, Tonbridge

Chittenden, E. Bidborough House, Southborough Road, Tunbridge Wells

Christmas, G. 141 New Street, Ashford

Chown, E. 102 Hope Street, Sheerness

Clack, F. 125 Vale Road, Tonbridge

Clark, A. E. 38 Queen Street, Ashford

Clarke, A. F. 58 Cobden Street, Derby

Clark, F. 33A East Street, Canterbury

Clarke, E. C. 55 Brunswick Street, Luton, Beds.

Clark, T. 4 Chapel Lance, Sturry, Kent

Cleaver, C. 19 Arkney, Battersea Park, London SW

Cliff, J. H. Woolstanwood, Crewe, Cheshire

Clifford, J. Cobham Farm, Lenham, Nr. Maidstone

Clifton, A. Forge House, Cuxton, Rochester

Clifton, B 6 Stratford Street, Tunbridge Wells

Clifton, T. H. 15 St. Stephens Road, Tunbridge Wells

Clapson, G. 3 Beaconsfield Terrace, Cross-in-Hand, Sussex

Claydon, A. 5 Conway Cottages, All Saints Road, Newmarket

Clough, J. S. 39 Garnet Grove, Dewsbury Road, Leeds

Clout, F. Argrove Farm, Elvington, Folkestone

Coker, E. High Street, Dymchurch, Kent

Colegate, A. Coltby Cinch School, Aylsham, Norfolk

Coleman, A. 85 Balsall Heath Road, Birmingham

Coates, S. W. 30 Raphael Road, Gravesend

Collinson, W. E. The Lodge, Holgate, York

Cockburn, W. 53 Geneva Road, Brixton, London SW

Comber, J. 20 Mill Lane, Lower Breeding, Horsham, Sussex

Compton, G. 74 Scawfell Street, Hackney Road, London N.E.

Coomber, S. “Oaklands” Igtham, Sevenoaks

Collins, A. J. 130 Clive Road, West Dulwich, London, S. E.

Collins, C. 25 Norwood Gardens, Ashford

Collins, H. V. 17 Orchard Street, Maidstone

Collins, R. J. “Hermon”, Kimberley Road, Chesterton, Cambridge

Comer, H. J. Bentley Cottage, Church Lane, S. Willesborough, Nr. Ashford

Constantine, J. C. 8 Cunningham Park, Harrow, London

Cook, A. 54 East Cliff, Folkestone

Cook, A. W. 54 East Cliffe, Folkestone

Cook, C. Caythorpe, Grantham, Lincs

Cook, F. Holly Bush Cottage, Lamberhurst, Kent

Cook, W. 14 Redman Place, High Street, Sevenoaks

Cook, W. A. G. 70 Queen’s Road, Tunbridge Wells

Cooksey, R. H. The Green, Stratton Street, Margaret, Nr. Swindon, Wilts

Cooling, C. E. 18 Holmesdale, Road, Bromley, Kent

Coombes, H. Oast Cottage, Bekesbourne, Canterbury

Cowell, T. 1 Beaconsfield Villas, Margate Road, Ramsgate

Corner, W. 26 Park Road, Stockton-on-Tees

Cornish, F. Anglesea Road, St. Mary Cray, Kent

Cornwall, F. “Oaklands” Lytchet Road, Bromley, Kent

Cooper, B. 97 Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge

Cooper, F. E. Stodmarsh, Sturry, Nr. Canterbury

Cooper, W. Southenley Cottage, Sellindge, Nr. Hythe

Cooper, W. 19 South-Eastern Road, Ramsgate

Coote, S. 32 Brock Road, Plaistow, London E.

Constant, F. 37 Castle Row, Canterbury

Constant, J. 4 Castle View, Hadlow, Kent

Copley, S. S. 30 Sunbeam Terrace, Beaston Hill, Leeds

Coppard, L. C. 2 Percy Cottages, St. Johns, Tunbridge Wells

Corfield, W. H. The Cottage, Walderton, Emsworth, Hants

Court, L. “Homeside” New Road, Saltwood, Nr. Hythe

Cousens, C. N. 25 Thanet Road, Broadstairs

Cory, A. R. 10 North Street, Deal

Coulson, E. 173 Regent Street, Kettering

Cox, A. 40 High Street, Sandwich

Cox, G. H. The Bungalow, Danbridge, Wingham, Nr. Canterbury

Cox, N. O. 6 Roxley, Road, Lewisham, London SE

Coveney, S. Prospect House, Weavering, Maidstone

Craig, J. T. 341 Brook Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Creese, F. W. 1 Somerset Road, Tunbridge Wells

Critchlow, S. 3 Riversdale Road, Sturry Road, Canterbury

Crosbie, J. Lomond Place, Dalbeattie, Scotland

Cro, W. E. “Helmdon” King Edward Avenue, Broadstairs

Croucher, P. 7 Albert Road, Folkestone

Crowhurst, F. 33 Lavender Hill, Tonbridge

Crowley, J. T. “Kildare House” Golden Cashel, Ireland

Crowley, J. C. 2 Secretan Road, Albany Road, Camberwell, London

Crummet, W. Field Lane, Hempnall, Nr. Norwich, Norfolk

Crump, R. 6 Percy Villas, Westgate on Sea

Crump, W. 6 Percy Villas, Westgate on Sea

Crust, S. T. 63 Cudworth Road, South Willesborough, Ashford

Culver, C. 42 Mount Ash Road, Sydenham, London S. E.

Cuttell, G. 16 St. Dunstans St. Canterbury


Dadswell, A. G. Spinney Mead, Rockfield Road, Limpsfield, Surrey

Dale, H. 117 Prospect Road, Scarborough, Yorks

Dale, R. 10 James Street, Folkestone

Dane, G. 6 Wykeham Street, Strood, Kent

Daniels, R. Landsdowne, Igtham, Nr. Sevenoaks, Kent

Darby, J. Jackey Bakers Farm, Northwood Nr. Ramsgate

Darlington, J. 74 Upper Church Street, Oswestry, Salop

Darrell, E. 63 Bridge Street, Wye, Ashford

Dashwood, H. 35 Hampden Road, Beckenham, Kent

Davies, A. Wrexham Road, Nr. Chester

Davies, H. C. 40 Union Street, Maidstone

Davies, J. Irgboeth, Landore, Swansea, Wales

Davies, R. W. 17 North Street, Bromley, Kent

Davies, S. W. “Daisybank” Old Whittington, Chesterfield, Derby

Davey, H. B. 3 Heading Street, Hendon, London N. W.

Daw, H. 1 Bexley Lane, Sidcup, Kent

Dawes, A. 22 Northcot Road, Croydon, London SE

Day, J. E. Ambleside Villas, London Road, Hildenborough

Day, S. Rydal Mount, 138 Rydal Park, Dewsbury, Yorkshire

Dean, A. 7 Russell Street, Cambridge

Dean, N. Clipstone House, Bath Road, Hounslow, London

Delo, C. W. 23 Hollow Lane, Canterbury

Dennis, A. A. 28 Waterloo Street, Iron Bridge, Shropshire

Dennis, T. Vinters Farm, Boxley, Maidstone

Dening, N. T. 17 Athelstan Road, Margate

Denman, H. 13 Spring Gardens, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells

Dewell, F. 62 York Street, Lower Walmer, Deal

Dibbin, E. H. 4 Levendale Road, Forest Hill, London SE

Dick, D. M. C. 73 Baston St. Govan Hill, Glasgow

Dickenson, F. C. The Cottage, Cowden, Kent

Digance, W. Bray Cottage, New Cross Road, Stoughton, Guildford

Dimmock, G. 20 Kestrel Avenue, Herne Hill, London, SE

Dinnage, L “Ideals” 50 Queens Road, Haywards Heath

Diprose, L. Little Ripton, Ashford, Kent

Dixton-Smith, J. Stanhope Road, Deal, Kent

Dines, P. Ash, Canterbury

Dorrell, A. C. 58 St. Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells

Dove, A. W. 78 Walterton Road, Paddington, London W.

Down, A. 52 Military Road, Cheriton, Nr. Folkestone

Drake, L. 74 Hanwoods Road, Watford

Dray, W. 15 Cambury Street, Old Kent Road, London SE

Drayson, F. T. Drainless Grove, Woodnesborough, Eastry, Kent

Duggins, H. 3 Brittan Street, Redditch, Worcester

Durrant, P. 124 Framfield, Uckfield, Sussex

Durling, C. A. 117 Maidstone Road, Rochester, Kent

Druitt, J. Church Cottage, Church Road, Bromley


Eade, W. 41 Barden Road, Tonbridge

Eades, W. 1 Hollicandane Terrace, Ramsgate

East, C. T. 63 Culverden Park Road, Tunbridge Wells

Easton, C. “Prince of Wales” Collier Street, Marden, Kent

Eaton, J. F. C. Broche Villa, Rochford, Essex

Edge, P. Stud Farm, Leybourne, West Malling, Kent

Efford, W. 42 Vincent Street, Westminster, London SW

Elkington, W. A. 19 Hectorage Road, Tonbridge

Elder, C. D. 54 Beaumont Square, Stepney, London E.

Edmonds, C. Buenos Aires, Birchington, Kent

Edmonton, C. W. E. 18 Vernon Road, Tunbridge Wells

Edmonds, C. J. 66 Woodsworth Road, Green Lane, Penge

Edwards, H. J. 100 St. Mary’s Road, Tonbridge

Edney, A. W. 3 Kent Terrace, Upper Deal

Edwards, W. C. Alma Villa, Cross in Hand, Sussex

Ellis, F. J. 98 Waller Road, New Cross, London SE

Ellis, L A. 46 Grange Road, Ramsgate

Ely, J. 71 Abbey Street, Faversham

Elvy, E. 79 New Road, Chatham

Elphick, A. 19 Palace Street, Canterbury

Elphick, H. 9 Mill Road, Hythe, Kent

Emmett, A. 155 Peach Street, Deal, Kent

England, H. E. 35 Alexandra Road, Ramsgate

Enticknap, H. c/o Mrs Cuttill 7 Vale Grove, Acton, London

Epps, R. S. 18 Derwent Road, Oxton, Birkenhead, Cheshire

Errington, W. 46 Morehall Avenue, Folkestone

Evans, C. H. 61 Weston Road, Strood, Kent

Evenden, N. J. Herne Pound, Mereworth, Nr. Maidstone

Evenden, I. M. Bridgewater Cottage, St. Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells

Everard, F. 42 Kingsley Road, Walthamstow, London NE

Everest, A. Lunces Hall, Haywards Heath, Sussex

Ewell, F. 21 Orchard Street, Canterbury

Eylea, R. J. 2 Bank Street, Tonbridge


Fagg, F. E. North Lyminge, Lyminge, Nr. Folkestone

Fagg, W. J. North Lyminge, Lyminge, Nr. Folkestone

Fagan, E. T. 10 Florence Cottages, Garlinge, Margate

Farrow, F. J. 5 King Street, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield

Farrier, G. D. 1 Fairfield Cottages, Gt. Mongeham, Deal

Farrier, J. E. 1 Fairfield Cottages, Gt. Mongeham, Deal

Farrier, S. 2 Greyland Cottages, Deal

Fairbrass, H. R. “Glencoe” Kirby Lane, Canterbury

Fairbrass, P. 14 St. Jacobs Place, Canterbury

Fairbrother, V. W. 20 Mount Road, Chatham

Faulkner, F. G. Finsbury Terrace, Steventon, Berks

Faulkner, D. 10 St. George’s Road, Ramsgate

Fayers, S. 43 Front Road, Tunbridge Wells

Farrell, R. 13 Anchor Street, Limehouse, London

Farnworth, C. 16 Hall Road, Trawden Forest, Lancs.

Feather, V. P. “Perott” Grand Avenue, Southbourne, Bournemouth

Ferguson, R. 14 Allen Street, Maidstone

Ferguson, W. J. 24 Queen Street, Newton Stewart, Wigtonshire

Fennell, A. L. 22 Douglas Road, Meadow Lawn, Tonbridge

Fenn, H. W. 74 Plumstead Common Road, Plumstead, London SE

Felstead, C. 12 St. Leger Terrace, Westminster Street, Nottingham

Field, C. M. c/o/ Johnson, Yelderland, Worth, Sandwich

Field, W. J. 55 Southlands Road, Bromley, Kent

Fielden, E. 9 Wood Villas Hebden Bridge, Yorks

Figgett, J. P. 31 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

Finn, C. H. 15 Hempsted Street, Ashford

Finch, W. 3 Lower Coombe Street, Croydon, London S. E.

Findlater, A. 28 William Street, Walsall, Staffs

Flood, A. V. Ware Street, Thurnham, Nr. Maidstone

Flood, J. W. Ware Street, Thurnham, Nr. Maidstone

Flint, F. A. 12 St. Edmonds Road, Canterbury

Foreman, J. Woodmans Hall, Boughton, Faversham

Foster, H. J. 34 Durban Road, Beckenham, Kent

Foster, S. J. Boughton Cottages, Nr. Faversham

Foster, S. W. 3 St. Stephens Street, Tonbridge

Fox, E. W. Rose Cottage, Chipstead, Kent

Fox, J. H. Rose Cottage, Chipstead, Kent

Fox, J. H. 1 St. Mildreds Road, Westgate-on-Sea

Fox, H. 156 Mill Lane, Wibsey, Bradford, Yorks

Fox, V. 99 Milton, Road, Margate

Fowle, W. E. 47 Ladywell Park, Lewisham, London

Foorde, E. 52 Princes St. Rochester

Fouracre, F. 92 Silver Street, Edmonton, London N

Forder, H. 1 Eastdown Park, Lewisham, London SE

Fromings, E. 9 Meadow Road, Bromley, Kent

Freeman, S. C. 27 Silverdale Road, Tunbridge Wells

Freeman, F. B. 129 Iverson Road, West Hampstead, London, NW

Freeman, G. E. 290 Brownhill Road, Catford, London SE

Friend, A. 30 London Road

Francis, H. J. 249 Crystal Palace Road, East Dulwich, London SE

French, F. E. 7 Brassey Avenue, Hampden Park, Eastbourne

French, J. A. “Ivories House”, Uckfield, Sussex

French, S. H. 75 Alisa Avenue, St. Margarets, Twickenham, London

Fry, F. J. Rumford Road, Pembury

Franklin, A. 42 Albert Road, Braintree, Essex

Franklin, J. E. 29 Melbourne Street, Melton, Mulbury

Fuller, C. T. 5 Lower Green Road, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells

Fuller, W. J. 2 Osbourne Villas, Lower Green, Pembury

Fullagher, F. J. Courseham Cottages, Cranbrook, Kent

Furley, H. H. 3 Queen’s Street, Herne Bay

Furley, S. V. 3 Queen’s Street, Herne Bay


Garbutt, L. C. 102 Sandringham Bldgs, Charing Cross Road, London WC

Garscadden, E. 139 Meadow Lane, Loughborough, London

Galley, R. C. Colne Road, Coggeshall, Essex

Gallop, F. C., Hill Cottage, Telegraph Hill, Higham, Rochester

Garner, H. E. 7 Rose Hill, Ramsgate

Gates, H., c/o Maidstone Gas Company, Maidstone

Garwood, A. W., 62A, Northgate Street, Canterbury

Garwood, G, 12 Guildhall Street, Canterbury

Gane, G. L. 65 Newbury Road, Bromley

Gambrill, E., Diamond Cottage, Ashby Avenue, Cheriton, Kent

Geering, S. W., Camden Arms, Bethel Road, St Johns, Sevenoaks

George, A. J., Way Farm Cottages, Minster, Thanet, Kent

Geale, A. E., 222 Milkwood Road, Herne Hill, London

Gilbert, A, Chapel Road, Chartham Hatch

Gilbert, B. H., 1 Walnut Cottage, Chartham

Gilbert, F. W., 79 Week Street, Maidstone

Gilbert, H., Norwood, St Lukes Avenue, Maidstone

Gilbert, J., 11 Sheffield Road, Southborough, Kent

Gilbert, R., Norwood, St Lukes Avenue, Maidstone

Gibson, C., 13 Fitzgerlad Road, Mortlake, London

Gibson, H. M., 104 Second Avenue, Clyde Bank, Glasgow

Gilham, C. A. 10 Grange Road, Ramsgate

Gillett, E. 81 Meadow Street, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

Gillett, G. H., 8 Anns Avenue, Ossary Road, Old Kent Road, London

Gillett, P. J., 28 Donald’s Road, Highbury, London

Gillies, A. 68 Warple Way, Wandsworth, London

Goodey, 8 Sandringham Road, Forest Gate, London

Goodhew, R. Kingsdown House, Sittingbourne

Gooding, C., Crackham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent

Goodwin, A. 40 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London

Goodwin, E. J., 90 Mount Pleasant Road, Lewisham, London

Godwin, A. R., 40 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London

Goldstein, M., 122 Hanbury Street, London

Godden, W. G., 21 Park Road, Hythe, Kent

Godden, J. H., Hatchpark Gardens, Mersham, Near Ashford

Godden, R. G. 19 Darlington Street, Folkestone

Godden, W. G., 12 Station Road, Cheriton Road, Folkestone

Godfrey, G. H. 18 Colchill Gardens, Bishops Park, Fulham

Goldfinch, H. E., 29 Esher Street, London

Goldsmith, V. H., 9 Pardon Street, Clapham, London

Goldsmith, W., Langton House Gardens, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells

Goodban, H. H., Hill Side, St Thomas’s, Canterbury

Goodchild, S., 49 Thanet Road, Ramsgate

Gosling, W. C., Vicarage Cottage, Boxley, near Maidstone

Gouger, E. D., Ivydene, Cannon Road, Ramsgate

Gower, F. J., 8 Love Lane, Canterbury

Goacher, A. 2 Prospect Place, Barden Road, Stoughton, Guildford

Griffiths, J. W., 6 Albert Road, Folkestone

Griffiths, R. 142 Hampton Avenue

Griffiths, W. O., 1 Hope Street, Maidstone

Groves, C. Upper Bush, Cuxton, Rochester

Gray, H., 20 Cornwall Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Graves, A. Crundale, near Canterbury

Green, F. T., Court Lodge Farm, Gillingham.

Green, H., 41 Peascod, St Windsor

Green, E. H., 2 Woodlawn Cottages, Rough Common, Blean, Canterbury

Greenstreet, N. H., 229 Brockley Road, Brockley, London

Greenwood, A. W., 33 Frampton Road, Hythe, Kent

Grigg, L. W., High Street, Eastry, Kent

Griggs, W. H., Santhill Villa, Dursley, Gloster

Grout, W. 3? Malvern Road, East Ham, London

Gregory, E., The ?ridge, Penshurst, Tunbridge Wells

Grainger, T. 32 West Row, Stockton-on-Tees

Gurton, C. G., 51 Wilmot Road, Leyton, London

Guest, C. H., 2 Dunstan Road, Tunbridge Wells

Gutteridge, A., c/o N. Chesham, 66 Russel Rise, Luton, Bedfordshire

Gwinnett, R., The Nest, Hythe Road, Ashford