World War One Abbreviations and Acronyms

When researching a soldier who served in the First World War you’ll be confronted with a
range of abbreviations and acronyms. Whether you are trying to decipher the wording on a soldier’s medals or a passage in a war diary, the following list will help you. This list is by no means complete and I will be continually updating it.  My following guides may also be of interest:

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WW1 Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation / Acronym
A Acting or Assistant
AA Anti-Aircraft or Army Act
AA Assistant Adjutant
AAA Army (Annual) Act
AAC Auxiliary Ammunition Column
AAG Assistant Adjutant General
AASC Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company
AB Army Book or Able Seaman
ABPO Advanced Base Post Office
AC Armoured Car or Army Council
ACC Army Cyclist Corps or Army Corps of Clerks
ACD Army Chaplains Department
ACI Army Council Instruction
A CLOTHING DEPT Army Clothing Department
A-CPL Acting Corporal
ACTG - Acting
a.d. Airship Detachment (Royal Flying Corps)
AD Artillery Depot or Assistant Director
ADC Aide-de-Camp
A D CORPS Army Dental Corps
ADEN TRP Aden Troop
ADJ Adjutant
ADL AssistantDirector of Labour
ADMN Administration
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADN Adhesion
ADS Advanced Dressing Station
AD SIGS Assistant Director of Army Signals
ADV GD Advanced Guard
ADVS Assistant Director Veterinary Services
AEC Area Employment Company/Companies (Labour Corps)
AED Army Education Corps
AF Army Form
AFC Air Force Cross
AFG Afghanistan
AG Adjutant General
AFGN Afghanistan
AGS Army Gymnastic Staff
AHQ Army Headquarters
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AIR MECH Air Mechanic
A-L-SGT Acting Lance-Sergeant
AM Albert Medal
AM1 Air Mechanic 1st Class
AMB Ambulance
AMER AMB HOSP American Ambulance Hospital
AMLO Assistant Military Landing Officer
AMM Ammunition
AMM SUB PARK Ammunition Sub-Park
AM RCS American Red Cross Society
AMT Armament
AO Army Order
AOC Army Ordnance Corps
AOD Army Ordnance Depot or Army Ordnance Department
AOO Army Ordnance Office
a.p. Aircraft Park (Royal Flying Corps)
AP Aid Post or Armour Piercing or Ammunition Park
APC Army Pay Corps
APD Army Pay Department
APM Assistant Provost Marshal
APMC Almeric Paget Massage Corps
APO Army Post Office
APP Applied
APPN Application
AR Army Reserve
ARAB RIF Arab Rifles
ARD Army Remount Depot
ARMR Armourer
ARP Ammunition Refilling Point
ART Artillery or Artificer
ARTILY Artillery
a.s. Serving with the Army Service Corps
ARS Army Remount Service
ASC Army Service Corps
ASD Army Schools Department
A and S Ammunition and Store
A & SH Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
ASST Assistant
ASST MIL SEC Assistant Military Secretary
ATMRU Army Troops Mobile Repair Unit
AT Army Troops or Animal Transport
A TRAIN Armoured Train
ATT Attached
ATTD Attached
AUS Australia
AUX Auxiliary
AUX PETROL COY Auxiliary Petrol Company
AVC Army Veterinary Corps
AVL Absent Voters List
AWOL Absent Without Leave
AYR YEO Ayrshire Yeomanry
BA British Army or Barber
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column
BATT Battery or Battalion
BATTN Battalion
BC Battery Commander or British Cavalry
BCBD British Cavalry Base Depot
BD Base Depot
BDE Brigade
BDMR Bandmaster
BDS Base Depot Supplies
BDTS Base Depot Transport Section
BEDF YEO Bedfordshire Yeomanry
BEDR R Bedfordshire Regiment
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BERKS Berkshire
BERKS YEO Berkshire Yeomanry
BG Brigadier General
BGLR Bugler
BHT Base Horse Transport
BKY Bakery
BL Breach Loading
BLK Blacksmith
BM Brigade Major or Barrack Master
BN Battalion
BNDSMN Bandsman
BODR R Border Regiment
BOMB Bombardier
BOR British Other Rank
BORD R Border Regiment
BR Bombardier or Bugler
BRC British Red Cross
BRCS British Red Cross Society
BRD Base Remount Depot
BREV Brevet
BRIG-GEN Brigadier-General
BSD Base Signals Depot
BSM Battery Sergeant-Major
BT Brevet or Bayonet Training or Bridging Train or Bomb-Throwing
BT COL Brevet Colonel
BT INS Bomb-Throwing Instructor
BT Lt-COL Brevet Lieutenant Colonel
BUCKS YEO Buckinghamshire Yeomanry
BW British War Medal
BWM British War Medal
BW & VM British War Medal and Victory Medal
BWIR British West Indies Regiment
BWM British War Medal
C Corps or Cook
CAMB R Cambridgeshire Regiment
CAMERONS Cameron Highlanders (The Queen's Own)
CANC Cancelled
CAPT Captain
CAPT & ADJT Captain and Adjutant
CAPT HON Captain The Honourable
CARR Carrier
CAV Cavalry
CAV DIV Cavalry Division
CAV SUPPLY COL Cavalry Supply Column
CB Confined to Barracks or Counter-Battery
CCD Commander of Coast Defences or Cavalry Command Depot
CC Confined to Camp
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
CD Command Depot
C de G Croix de Guerre
CE Chief Engineer or Canadian Engineers
CF Chaplin to the Forces
c.f.s. Central Flying School (Royal Flying Corps)
CGS Chief of the General Staff in the Field
CH Chiropodist
CHA Commander Heavy Artillery
CHES Cheshire
CHES R Cheshire Regiment
CHES YEO Cheshire Yeomanry
CH MEC Chief Mechanic
CIE Companion of the Indian Empire
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
CGS Chief of the General Staff
CG Coldstream Guards
C GUARDS Coldstream Guards
CI Lady of the Imperial Order of the Crown of India
CIV Civilian
CL Class
CLC Chinese Labour Corps
CL & R
CMG Companion of St.Michael and St.George
CMP Corps of Military Police
c.o. Serving under Colonial Office or Under a Colonial Government
CO Commanding Officer or Company
COE Church of England
C of ARMRS Corps of Armourers
C of AS Corps of Army Schoolmasters
C of E Church of England or Court of Enquiry
C of H Corporal of Horse or Corps of Hussars
C of I Court of Inquiry
C of L Corps of Lancers
C of LOND YEO City of London Yeomanry
C of M Controller of Mines
C of MIL ACC Corps of Military Accountants
COL Colonel or Colour
COL SERGT Colour Sergeant
COL SGT Colour Sergeant
COL SJT Colour Serjeant
COLN Column
COMD Commanding
COMDNG Commanding
COMDR Commander
COMDT Commandant
COMM Commission or Commissioned
COMMR Commander
CONDR Conductor
CO of LOND Y County of London Yeomanry
CONV Convicted
CORS Corps Officers Rest Station
COY Company
CPL Corporal
CPL of H Corporal of Horse
CPT Captain
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant
CRA Commander Royal Artillery
CRD Central Recruiting Depot
CRE Commander Royal Engineers
CRS Corps Rest Station
CS Cold Shoer
CSI Central School of Instruction
CSI Companion of the Star of India
C SGT Colour Sergeant
CSM Company Sergeant Major
CSP Corps Siege Park
CT Communication Trench or Cart Train
CTN MGR Canteen Manager
CUOTC Cambridge University Officers' Training Corps
CVO Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
cwt Hundredweight
CYC Cyclist
D Dragoons
D of A Director of Artillery
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column
DADMS Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director Ordnance Services
DADS Deputy Assistant Director of Supplies
DADW Deputy Assistant Director of Works
DAG Deputy Adjutant General
DAH Disordered action of the heart
DAP Divisional Ammunition Park
DAQMG Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
DAU Daughter
DCLI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
DCM District Court-Martial
DCO Draft Conducting Officer
DDMS Deputy Director of Medical Services
DDVS Deputy Directory of Veterinary Services
DEC Divisional Engineer Commander
DEMOB Demobilized
DENBIGH YEO Denbighshire Yeomanry
DEPT Department or Depot
DERBY YEO Derbyshire Yeomanry
DET Detachment
DEVON R Devonshire Regiment
DEVON YEO Devonshire Yeomanry
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
D GDS Dragoon Guards
DI Dangerously Ill
DIGC Deputy Inspector General Communications
DIL Dangerously Ill List
DIS Discharged
DISC Discharged
DISC MU Discharged Medically Unfit
DISC PU Discharged Physically Unfit
DISEMBD Disembodied
DIST District
DIV Division
DIV AMM PARK Divisional Ammunition Park
DIVL Divisional
DIV Supply Col Divisional Supply Column
DG Dragoon Guards
D.GDS Dragoon Guards
DLO Yeomanry Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
DJAG Deputy Judge Advocate General
DLR Director of Light Railways
DMGO Divisional Machine Gun Officer
DMS Director of Medical Services
DN Dragoon
DNS Dragoons
do Ditto also used "
D of LANC O Y Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
DORSET R Dorsetshire Regiment
DOS Director of Ordnance Services
DOW Died of Wounds
D POST Director of Postal Services
DR Despatch Rider or Director of Remounts or Drummer
DR Driver
D REMOUNTS Director or Remounts
DRF Depression Range Finder
DRS Divisional Rest Station
DRT Director of Railway Transport
DS Dressing Station or Director of Supplies
D SIGS Director of Army Signals
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DST Director of Supplies
DT Director of Transport
DTC Donkey Transport Company
DTH ACCPT Death Accepted
DTLS Details (as in Base Details)
DURH LI Durham Light Infantry
Dur of War Duration of War
DVR Driver
DVS Director of Veterinary Services
DW Director of Works
DWR Duke of Wellington's Regiment
DY Deputy
e.a. Attached to Egyptian Army
EA East Africa or East African or Enemy Artillery
E ARF MTC East African Motor Transport Company
EC Eastern Command
ED Efficiency Decoration
EDN Education
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EFC Expeditionary Force Canteen
E KENT R The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
E LAN R East Lancashire Regiment
ELC Egyptian Labour Corps
ELIG Eligible
EMBKD Embarked
EMO Embarkation Medical Officer
ENC Enclosed
Eq Equerry to the King
EST Establishment
ER of YORK Y East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ER Yeo East Riding Yeomanry
ESSEX R Essex Regiment
ESSEX YEO Essex Yeomanry
E SURR R East Surrey Regiment
ET Escort Trench
et seq Latin (et sequens) and the following
EX FCE CAN Expeditionary Forces Canteen
EXTD Extracted
E YORK R East Yorkshire Regiment
f. Passed Firemasters' Class Ordnance College
FA Field Artillery or Field Ambulance or Father
F AMB Field Ambulance
FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FAR Farrier
FAR CPL Farrier Corporal
FAR SGT Farrier Sergeant
FAR SJT Farrier Serjeant
FAU Friends Ambulance Unit
F BKY Field Bakery
f.c. Belonging or attached to the Royal Flying Corps
FC Fire Commander or Fire Command
F CO Field Company
f.c.r. Belonging to the Royal Flying Reserve
F COY Field Company
FD Field
FDS Forwards
FGCM Field General Court Martial
FH Field Hospital
FIFE & FORFAR YEO Fire and Forfar Yeomanry
F IMP Field Imprisonment
FIRE COMD Fire Command
FLC Fijian Labour Corps
FM Field Marshal
FMLY Formerly
FMN Foreman
f.o. Serving under Foreign Office
FO Field Officer
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FOP Forward Observation Post
FP Field Punishment
FPO Field Post Office
fs Feet per second
FS Field Service
FSL Field Searchlight
FSM Field Service Manual
FSR Field Service Regulations
FTP Forward Tractor Park
FTR Fitter
FTR CPL Fitter Corporal
FTR SGT Fitter Sergeant
FTR SJT Fitter Serjeant
FUS Fusiliers
FWD Four Wheel Drive
FWDS Forwards
FWM Forewoman
G Groom
GBD General Base Depot
GC Gun Captain
GCB Knight Grand Cross of Bath
GCIE Knight Grand Commander of the Indian Empire
GCM General Court-Martial
GCMG Knight Grand Cross of St.Michael and St.George
G COAST R Gold Coast Regiment
GCSI Knight Commander of the Star of India
GCVO Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
GD Guard
GGC Gun Group Commander
G GDS Grenadier Guards
GDS Guards
GDS MG REGT Guards Machine Gun Regiment
GEN General
GG Grenadier Guards
GH General Hospital
GHQ General Headquarters
GLAM YEO Glamorgan Yeomanry
GLOUC Gloucestershire
GLOUC R Gloucestershire Regiment
GLOUC YEO Gloucestershire Yeomanry (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars)
GMC General Musketry Course
GMP Garrison Military Police
GN BN Garrison Battalion
GNR Gunner
GOC General Officer Commanding
GORD Gordon Highlanders
GORDONS Gordon Highlanders
GP Grove Park
GR Gunner
GRAD BN Graduated Battalion
GRO General Routine Order
GRU Graves Registration Unit
GS General Staff or General Service
GSW Gunshot Wound or General Service Wagon
H Hotchkiss Gunner
HA Heavy Artillery
HAB Heavy Artillery Brigade
HA BDE Heavy Artillery Brigade
HAC Honourable Artillery Company
HAG Heavy Artillery Group
HAR Heavy Artillery Reserve
HAMPS Hampshire
HAMPS R Hampshire Regiment
HAMPS YEO Hampshire Yeomanry
HB Heavy Branch or Heavy Battery
HBRGA Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
HD QRS Headquarters
HE High Explosive or Horizontal Equivalent
HERT Hertfordshire
HERT R Hertfordshire Regiment
HERTS YEO Hertfordshire Yeomanry
HF Home Forces
HIGD Highland
HIGD BDE Highland Brigade
HIGH CYC BN Highland Cyclist Battalion
HLI Highland Light Infantry
h.o. Serving under Home Office
HON Honorary
HON LIEUT & QM Honorary Lieutenant and Quartermaster
HOSP Hospital
HOWR Howitzer
HOWS Howitzer
hp Half Pay
HQ Headquarters
HR Hussar
HRS Horse
HS Hospital Ship or Home Service
HT Horse Transport of Hired Transport
HTC Horse Transport Company
HUNTS CYC BN Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
HV High Velocity
HVY Heavy
IA Indian Army
IB Infantry Brigade or Indian Base
IBD Infantry Base Depot
IC In Command
i/c In charge of
ICD Infantry Command Depot
ICT Inflammation of the Connective Tissue
IEF Indian Expeditionary Force
IG Irish Guards
IGC Inspector-General of Communications
IGSM Indian General Service Medal
I in G Instructor in Gunnery
IMPERIAL MTD BDE Imperial Mounted Brigade
IMP YEO Imperial Yeomanry
IND Indian or India
INDIV Individuals
IND PEN Indian Pension
INF Infantry
INNIS Inniskilling
INNS OR COURT R Inns of Court Regiment
INSPR Inspector
inst. Latin (instante mense) this month
INSTR Instructor
INT Intelligence
INTELL C Intelligence Corps
INTPR Interpreter
IO Intelligence Officer
I of C OTC Inns of Court Officers Training Corps
I of A Instructor of Artillery
I of M Regimental Instructor of Musketry
IOR Indian Other Rank
IR GDS Irish Guards
ISO Companion of the Imperial Service Order
issd - Issued
ITF In the field
i.v. Serving with the Indian Volunteers
IV Issue Voucher
IW&D Inland Waterways and Docks
IWGC Imperial War Graves Commission
IWT Inland Water Transport
JAG Judge Advocate General
jd Joined
KAR King's African Rifles
KBS Kite Balloon Section (Royal Flying Corps)
KC Kent County
KCB Knight Commander of the Bath
KCIE Knight Commander of the Indian Empire
KCMG Knight Commander of St.Michael and St.George
KE HSE King Edward's Horse
KENT CYC BN Kent Cyclist Battalion
KHC Hon. Chaplain to the King
KHP Hon. Physician to the King
KHS Hon. Surgeon to the King
KIA Killed in Action
KCVO Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
KG Knight of the Garter
KOSB King's Own Scottish Borderers
KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KP Knight of St. Patrick
KR King's Regulations
KRRC King's Royal Rifle Corps
K R RIF C King's Royal Rifle Corps
KSLI King's Shropshire Light Infantry
KT Knight of the Thistle
L Lewis Gunner
LAB Light Armoured Battery
LAB CORPS Labour Corps
LACB Light Armoured Car Battery/Brigade
LAMB Light Armoured Motor Battery
LAN Lancashire
LANARK YEO Lanarkshire Yeomanry
LAN FUS Lancashire Fusiliers
LAN HRS Lancashire Hussars
L Lancers or Lance (Lance Corporal)
L & B Horse Lothian and Border Horse Yeomanry
LCP Light Car Patrol
L/CPL Lance Corporal
L of C Lines of Communication
LD Light Duty
LDCCS Lowland Division Casualty Clearing Station
LDG MECH Leading Mechanic
LDT Lahore Divisional Train
LE Left eye
LEIC Leicester
LEIC R Leicestershire Regiment
LEIC YEO Leicester Yeomanry
LEINS Leinster
LEINS R Leinster Regiment
LF Lancashire Fusiliers or Left Flank
LG Life Guards or Lewis Gun or London Gazette
L GDS Life Guards
LI Light Infantry
LIEUT Lieutenant
LINC Lincolnshire
LINC R Lincolnshire Regiment
LINC YEO Lincolnshire Yeomanry
LM Leading Mechanic
L N LAN R Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
LO Liaison Officer
L of C Line of Communication
LON R The London Regiment
LOTH & BODR H Lothian and Border Horse Yeomanry
LOVATS SCTS Lovat's Scouts
LP Listening Post
L POOL R The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
LR Local Reserve or Lancer
LRS Lancers
L-SJT Lance-Serjeant
LT Lieutenant or Light
LT COL Lieutenant Colonel
LT GEN Lieutenant General
LTM Light Trench Mortar
lv Leave
M Maxim Gunner
m.a. Attached to the Royal Military Academy
MAC Motor Ambulance Convoy
MAD Military Accounts Department
M A DEPT Military Accounts Department
MAJOR HON Major The Honourable
MALTESE L C Maltese Labour Corps
MANCH R Manchester Regiment
MB Medical Board or Medicinae Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Medicine)
mc Medical Certificate or Attached to the Royal Military College
MC Military Cross
m.c.c. Certificate Senior Department Royal Military College
MD Medicinae Doctor (Latin for Doctor of Medicine)
MDS Main Dressing Station
MECH Mechanical
MECH TRANS Mechanical Transport
MED Medical
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
MER SERV Meritorious Service
MESPOT Mesopotamia
MFA Merchant Fleet Auxiliary
MFE Manual of Field Engineering
MFP Military Foot Police
MG Machine Gun
MGB Machine Gun Battalion
MGC Machine Gun Corps
MGS Machine Gun School
MG SQDN Machine Gun Squadron
MIA Missing in Action
MID Mentioned in Dispatches
MIDDX R Middlesex Regiment
MFE Manual of Field Engineering
ML Muzzle Loader
MLO Military Landing Officer
MM Military Medal
MMGC Motor Machine Gun Corps
MMP Military Mounted Police
MMR Mercantile Marine Reserve
MN Mountain
MN ARTY Mountain Artillery
MN ARTY BDE Mountain Artillery Brigade
MO Medical Officer
MONMOUTH R Monmouthshire Regiment
MONTGOM YEO Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
MOTOR AMB COY Motor Ambulance Column
MOP Ministry of Pensions
MP Military Police
MPD Missing Presumed Dead
mph Miles per Hour
MRU Mobile Repair Unit
MS Mechanical Specials
MSB Military Secretary's Branch
MSM Meritorious Service Medal
MT Mechanical Transport or Motor Transport
MTD Mounted or Motor Transport Depot
MU Medically Unfit
MUS Musician
mv Muzzle Velocity
MVO Member 4th or 5th Class of the Royal Victorian Order
NACB Navy and Army Canteen Board
NC Northern Command
NCC Non-Combatant Corps
NC DEPOT Northern Command Depot
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
N CYC BN Northern Cyclist Battalion
NIG R Nigerian Regiment
N IR H North Irish Horse
NF Northumberland Fusiliers
NO Number
NO CAV DEPOT Northern Cavalry Depot
NOM ROLL Nominal Roll
NOR Norfolk
NOR R Norfolk Regiment
NORF YEO Norfolk Yeomanry
NORTHD Northumberland
NORTH D YEO Northumberland Yeomanry
NORTHN R Northamptonshire Regiment
NORTHN YEO Northamptonshire Yeomanry
NOTT Nottinghamshire
NOTTS & DERBY Sherwood Foresters (Nottingham and Derbyshire Regiment)
N SOM YEO North Somerset Yeomanry
N STAFF R North Staffordshire Regiment
NWF North West Frontier
NZEF New Zealand Expeditionary Force
o Passed Ordnance Course
OB Operations Branch
o.c. Under instruction at Ordnance College
OC Officer Cadet or Officer Commanding
OCB Officer Cadet Battalion
o.d. Serving with the Army Ordnance Department
ODH Organic Disease of the Heart
OFFR Officer
OM Member of the Order of Merit
OO Ordnance Officer
OOR Ordnance Officer
OP Observation Post
OR Other Rank
ORD Ordnance
ORG Original
ORS Orderly Room Sergeant
OS Ordnance Services
O ST J Order of St John
O ST J J Order of St John of Jerusalem
OTC Officers' Training Corps
OXF & BUCKS LI Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
OXF YEO Oxfordshire Yeomanry
pa Private Affairs (a reason for leave)
pac Passed the final examination of the Advanced Class Ordnance College
PARA Paragraph
PC Principal Chaplain or Protection Company
p.d. Serving with Army Pay Department
PD Petrol Depot
PEMBROKE YEO Pembroke Yeomanry
PK Park
PL Platoon
P&L Packers and Loaders
PM Permanent Base
PM Provost Marshal
PMO Principal Medical Officer
PMR Paymaster
PNR Pioneer
PNTN Pontoon
PO Post Office or Political Officer
PONT PK Pontoon Park
POST SEC Postal Section
POW Prisoner of War
Priv affs Private Affairs (a reason for leave)
PROF Professor
PROM Promoted
prov Provisional
PROV BN Provisional Battalion
PROVOST SERGT Provost Sergeant
PROX - Proximmo (Latin for next month)
PS Public Schools Prefix or Provost Sergeant or Pioneer School
psc Passed Staff College
PTE Private
PU Permanently Unfit
PUO Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
PVO Principal Veterinary Officer
PW Royal Warrant for Pay and Promotion (Pay Warrant)
QAIMNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
QAIMNSR Queen Alexander's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve
QAIMNSI Queen Alexander's Imperial Military Service India
QF Quick Firing
QMAAC Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
QMG Quartermaster General
QMS Quartermaster Sergeant
QM SGT Quartermaster Sergeant
QM SJT Quartermaster Serjeant
QOR Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
QOR GLASGOW Y Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
Q O YORKS DNS Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons
Qr Quartermaster
Qr Mr Quartermaster
qs Qualified for Staff
QSM Queen's South Africa Medal
QUEENS SR Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
R Regiment or Royal
RA Royal Artillery
RAC Royal Automobile Club
RAF Royal Air Force
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RATA Royal Army Temperance Association
RB Rifle Brigade or Rifle Bomber
R BERKS R Royal Berkshire Regiment
RCM Regimental Court Martial
RC of S Royal Corps of Signals
RDC Royal Defence Corps
RDF Royal Dublin Fusiliers
RDMSTR Roadmaster
R DUB FUS Royal Dublin Fusiliers
RE Royal Engineers or Right Eye
REF Reference
REG Regiment
REG SGT MAJ Regimental Sergeant Major
REG SJT MAJ Regimental Serjeant Major
REGT Regiment
REGTL Regimental
REINF Reinforcing (as in Reinforcing Depot)
R E KENT YEO Royal East Kent Yeomanry
REMT DEPT Remount Department
RES Reserve
RES BN Reserve Battalion
RES CAV Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
RES LIST Reserve List
RESUB Resubmitted
RETC Royal Engineers Training Centre
RETD Returned
REV Reverend
RF Representative Fraction or Right Flank
R & F Rank and File
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
rfp Retired on Full Pay
R FUS Royal Fusiliers
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
RGT Regiment
R GUERNSEY ART Royal Guernsey Artillery
R GUERNSEY LI Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
RH Railhead
RHA Royal Horse Artillery or Reserve Heavy Artillery
RHG Royal Horse Guards
R HIGHRS Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
RIF Rifles
RIF BRIG Rifle Brigade
RIM Royal Indian Marine
R INNIS FUS Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
R IR FUS Royal Irish Fusiliers
R IR REGT Royal Irish Regiment
R LANC R The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
RM Royal Marines or Riding Master
RMA Royal Marine Artillery or Royal Military Academy Woolwich
RMLC Royal Marine Labour Corps
RMLI Royal Marine Light Artillery
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
R MUN FUS Royal Munster Fusiliers
RN Royal Navy
RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
RND Royal Naval Division
RNR Royal Naval Reserve
RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
R of O Roll of Officers or Reserve of Officers
RP Regimental Police or Regimental Pioneer
RRC Royal Red Cross
R RDR Rough Rider
RR of Cav Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
RR DNS Reserve Regiment of Dragoons
RR LNCRS Reserve Regiment of Lancers
RS Royal Scots or Remount Specials
R SC FUS Royal Scots Fusiliers
R S FUS Royal Scots Fusiliers
RSM Regimental Sergeant Major
R SUSS R Royal Sussex Regiment
RT HON Right Honourable
RTC Reserve Training Centre
RTO Railway Transport Officer
RTU Returned to Unit
RW Royal Warrant
R WAR R Royal Warwickshire Regiment
R W FUS Royal Welsh Fusiliers
R W KENT R The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
R WILTS YEO Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
RY Railway
RYS Railways
S1 Signaller (1st Class)
S2 Signaller (2nd Class)
SA Siege Artillery or South Africa
SAA Small Arms Ammunition
SAAC Small Arms Ammunition Column
SAO Special Army Order
SAPR Sapper
SARB Siege Artillery Reserve Brigade
SAS Small Arms School
SASD Siege Artillery Signalling Depot
SB Stretcher Bearer
SBR Small Box Respirator
SC Staff Captain or Southern Command
SCD Scottish Cavalry Depot (Dunbar)
SC Depot Southern Command Depot
SCH of MUSK School of Musketry Hythe
SCO H Scottish Horse
SCO RIF The Cameronians Scottish Rifles
SCTS Scouts
SD Staff Duties or Supply Depot
Sd Signed
SDASC Supply Depot Army Service Corps
SE Specially Enlisted
SEAFORTH Seaforth Highlanders
SEC Section
SEC. A Section A Army Reserve
SECT Section
SECY Secretary
S GDS Scots Guards
SGT Sergeant
SH Stationary Hospital
SHER RANG Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
SHROPS Shropshire
SHROPS YEO Shropshire Yeomanry
SH SM Shoeing Smith
SIG Signal
SIG SEC A Signal Section Airline
SIG SEC C Signal Section Cable
SIG SEC D Signal Company with Division
SIG SEC W Signal Section Wireless
SIG O Signalling Officer
SIG SQN Signal Squadron
SIG TP Signal Troop
S IR H South Irish Horse
SIW Self-Inflicted Wound
SJT Serjeant
S LAN R South Lancashire Regiment
SM Sergeant-Major or Shoemaker
S&M Sappers and Miners
SMLE Short Magazine Lee-Enfield
SMD South Midland Division
SMO Senior Medical Officer
S NOTTS HRD South Nottinghamshire Hussars
S NURSE Staff Nurse
SO Staff Officer or Southern
SO CAV DEPOT Southern Cavalry Depot
SOM Somerset
SOM LI Somerset Light Infantry
SOP Staff Officer of Pensioners
SOS Struck off Strength or distress signal
SOTON Southampton
SP Strongpoint
SP EMP Specially Employed
SPR Sapper
SP RES Special Reserve
SQN Squadron
SQ QM CPL Squadron Quartermaster Corporal
SQ QM SGT Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant
SQ QM SJT Squadron Quartermaster Serjeant
SR Special Reserve
SS Shoeing Smith
SSM Squadron Sergeant Major
SSO Staff Station Officer
S STAFF R South Staffordshire Regiment
S STH Shoeing Smith
S&T Supply and Transport
STA Special Transport Aldershot
STAFF Staffordshire
STAFF YEO Staffordshire Yeomanry
STAT HOSP Stationary Hospital
STPR Storekeeper
SUB CONDR Sub-Conductor
SUFF Suffolk
SUFF R Suffolk Regiment
SUFF YEO Suffolk Yeomanry
SUP COY Supernumerary Company
SUPP Supplementary
SUP O Supply Officer
SURG Surgeon
SURR Surrey
SURR YEO Surrey Yeomanry
SUSS Sussex
SUSS YEO Sussex Yeomanry
S WAR BADGE Silver War Badge
SWB Silver War Badge
S WALES BORD South Wales Borderers
SWMB South Western Mounted Brigade
T Territorial or Transport
TB Tuberculosis or Temporary Base
TC Tank Corps or Tigris Corps
TD Territorial Decoration or Transport Driver
TE Time Expired
TEL Telegraphs
TF Territorial Force
TFEM Territorial Force Efficiency Medal
TF REGS Territorial Force Regulations
TFWM Territorial Force War Medal
TM Trench Mortar
TMB Trench Mortar Battery or Travelling Medical Board
TO Transport Officer
TOC Taken on Charge
T of E Termination of Engagement
T of W Theatre of War
TOS Taken on Strength
TP Troop
TPR Trooper
TRF Act The Territorial and Reserve Forces Act 1907
TR Training Reserve or Trumpeter
TRANS Transferred
TRB Training Reserve Brigade
T. RES Territorial Reserve
TS Troop Ship
T&S Transport and Supply
TSM Troop Sergeant Major
TW Transport Workers
ufp On Unemployed Full Pay List
UO Under Orders
UOTC University Officers Training Corps
USF United Services Fund
usl On Unemployed Supernumerary List
V Vickers Gunner
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VB Volunteer Battalion
VC Victoria Cross
VD Venereal Disease or Volunteer Officers' Decoration
VET Veterinary
VH Veterinary Hospital
VI Vertical Interval
vice In place of
VM Victory Medal
VO Veterinary Officer
VOL Volunteer
VRC Volunteer Rifle Corps
VTC Volunteer Training Corps
w.a. Serving with West African Regiment
WAC Welsh Army Corps
W AFR R West African Regiment
WAGNR Wagoner
WARWICK YEO Warwickshire Yeomanry
WC Western Command
WD War Department
WE War Establishment
WELSH H Welsh Horse Yeomanry
WELSH R Welsh Regiment
WEST CAV DEPOT Western Cavalry Depot
WEST & CUMB Y Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
WG CAPT Wing Captain
WG CDR Wing Commander
W GDS Welsh Guards
WGNR Waggoner
WHELR Wheeler
WHLR Wheeler
WIA Wounded in Action
WILTS R Wiltshire Regiment
WIR West India Regiment
W KENT YEO Queen's Own West Kent Yeomanry
WKR Worker
WKSHP Workshop
W KENT YEO West Kent Yeomanry
WO War Office or Warrant Officer
WO CL 1 Warrant Officer Class 1
WOL War Office List
WORC Worcestershire
WORC R Worcestershire Regiment
WORC YEO Worcestershire Yeomanry
WRDRS West Riding Divisional Rest Station
W RID R The Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment
WS War Service
W SOM YEO West Somerset Yeomanry
WT Wireless Telegraphy
W YORK R West Yorkshire Regiment
YEO Yeomanry
YEO MTD DVN Yeomanry Mounted Division
Y-FMN Yard Foreman
Y & L York and Lancashire Regiment
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
YOC Young Officer's Company
YORK Yorkshire
YORK DNS Yorkshire Dragoons
YORK HRS Yorkshire Hussars
YORK R Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howard's)
YS Young Soldier
ZMC Zion Mule Corps